Wion Outdoor Wifi Outlet Setup

How to setup the wion Outdoor Wifi Outlet

A smart tech home doesn’t have to cost you a lot. WiOn smart plug is an easy and affordable option to upgrade your regular electronic appliances into smart home appliances. Using and installing woods smart plug is relatively simple. To help you out with Wion outdoor wifi outlet setup, we’ve mentioned some steps in this guide.

setup the wion outdoor smart plug

Wion smart plug makes it easy to control the electrical devices- fountains, festive lights, lights, and more. With the compatible Woods app, you can power the devices ON and OFF anytime and from any remote location. The Wion durable and weather-resistant smart plug lets you control your yard lights or festive decorations right from your Smartphone.

Woods WiOn app

To regulate and control your electrical device, you need to complete the WiOn smart plug setup. WiOn Smart plugs get connected to your electrical devices wirelessly.  You just need to get the woods wion app on your mobile device and create a woods wion login account to manage the devices.  Now, if you are trying wion outdoor wifi outlet setup for the first time then the following instructions will help you.

What are the steps to set up Wion outdoor smart plug?

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to complete the wion smart plug setup with no hassles.

Download the wion app on your mobile phone

If you’re trying to attempt the wion smart plug setup, you would need to get the woods wion app on your mobile phone. Search for the ‘Wion’ app on the Play Store or App Store of your Smartphone. Once the app appears, click on ‘Install’ on the Android device and ‘Get’ on the iOS device to download the app for free.

Connect to the Wion wifi network

Plug in Wion wifi outlet into a wall outlet and press the power button. The WiFi LED will start blinking blue. Blinking blue light means the device is in setup mode. Next, you would need to go to the ‘Wi-Fi’ Settings on your Smartphone. Find and choose the Wi-Fi network starting with ECO and followed by several numbers.

Connect to your home Wi-Fi network

Next, you need to go back to the WiOn app and scroll to the third screen. Tap on the ‘Click here to sue your Wion plug’ option. It will automatically search for the nearby wireless network. Give it a few minutes. Select the Wi-Fi network of your home router from the available list. Henceforth, you need to enter the Zip code and enter your device’s name. Finally, enter the password of your wifi router and tap ‘Join’

Wait for a confirmation screen

Wait a few minutes for a confirmation screen to appear on the WiOn app. Your Wion outdoor wifi outlet setup is now completed. Now, you can create a woods wion login account to manage your smart devices remotely. The blinking blue LED on the smart plug will now get solid blue.

Tap on the ‘Power’ symbol on the woods app to control your device. Additionally, to add more devices, you need to repeat the process using another wion smart plug.

That’s all you need to know about the Wion outdoor wifi outlet setup and woods wion login. If you would need any more info on wion outdoor smart plug, you can contact our technical experts and ask for their help. Perform a live chat with our executives.