How to Login Wion Wifi Outdoor with App?

An Easy Guide to Wion Wifi Login

Wion smart plug wirelessly connect all of your home electrical appliances so that you can manage them remotely from your Smartphone. Wion smart wifi plug can control your outdoor and electrical devices with just a touch of your finger. You can complete the wion smart plug setup using the user-friendly wion app. Now, if you are wondering how to login wion wifi outdoor with app then you can find the answer on this guide. Follow the easy wion login instructions and log into wion app with no troubles.

How to login wion wifi outdoor with app?

The wion smart plug is plugged into a wall outlet to completely manage your home at an affordable price. You just need to get the wion app on your mobile phone to access the wion wifi login page. You can make your life easier and smarter by letting the wion smart plug control your electrical devices. You can refer to the following wion setup instructions to set things up:

Download the Wion app

For wion wifi login, you would need to get the Wion app on your mobile device. You can get the app on the App Store and Play Store for free of your Smartphone.

Connect your wion smart plug

Next, you need to plug your wion smart plug into a wall outlet. You will see that the WiFi is blinking blue which indicates that the device is in the setup stage.

Connect to wion smart wifi network

Go to the wireless settings of your Smartphone and look for the wion wifi network. It will start with ECO followed by several numbers. Click on it to connect to the wireless network.

Wion wifi login

Open the wion app and you can create a new login account by providing your email address, first name, last name, and password.

Connect to your home Wi-Fi network

Once you have created Wion login account, you can connect your wion smart plug to your home wifi network. The app will display a list of wireless networks, select your router network. Enter the zip code. Now, add the name of the device you’re connecting to wion smart plug. Finally, enter the Wi-Fi password.

A confirmation screen will appear on the phone. The blinking blue light on the smart plug will now get solid blue. Now, you can use the wion app to manage your electrical devices.

These were some straightforward wion wifi login instructions. If you have more questions in mind like how to login wion wifi outdoor with app, you can contact our technical experts. They will guide you with wion setup instructions in detail.

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