Installation Instructions For WiOn 50055

Installation Instructions for WiOn 50055

With the advancement of technology, various smart devices are launched. For instance, the Wion smart plug is among the latest device that is very convenient. This device is used to manage your electronic devices from anywhere. You just need to proceed with the WiOn 50055 setup, to make the most of it.

The correct setup will ensure the proper functioning of the WiOn WiFi plug. You can control your electric appliances remotely with the help of this device. All you need to do is, add the device to the app, and set it up correctly. Through the app, you can set up the device correctly.

If you want to know the procedure for the WiOn 50055 setup, we’ve got you. We have made this blog to help users with the setup. This blog will explain the complete proceeds for the setup. We will also discuss the issues you could face along with the troubleshooting methods.

Requirements for the WiOn Outdoor WiFi Outlet Setup

To set up the WiFi plug, there are some things you must have. When you have all the necessary things, you can set it up correctly. The requirements for the setup are as follows:

  • The WiOn app
  • An active internet connection
  • The WiFi password
  • Your smartphone

These are the requirements for the WiOn 50055 setup. Now, we will discuss the steps for the smart plug setup.

Steps for the WiOn 50055 Setup

Once you know the requirements for the setup, you can set it up correctly. Through the app, you can set up the smart plug correctly. All you need to do is connect the device to the WiFi. Otherwise, the smart plug will not function at all. The steps for setting up the WiOn WiFi outlet are as follows:

  • To begin with, connect your smartphone to the WiFi network starting with ECO.
  • Now, download the WiOn app on your smartphone to proceed with the setup.
  • From the app, select the Press Here to Use WiOn Outlet option to set it up.
  • The app will ask for a few details, answer them correctly, and connect it to WiFi.
  • Hereon, the app will scan for all the available WiFi networks around the device.
  • You must select your WiFi network from the list of networks or manually add it.
  • After that, enter the correct WiFi password to connect the outlet to the WiFi.
  • The LED light on the outlet should be solid white indicating a connection has formed.
  • At last, the setup of the WiOn outlet is complete, and manage the device accurately.

These are the steps for setting up the WiOn WiFi outlet. You can configure the settings accordingly through the WiOn app. Now, you can use this device to manage any of your appliances. If you are having trouble setting up the WiOn plug, keep reading ahead.

Troubleshooting the WiON Outdoor WiFi Outlet Setup Issues

Sometimes, due to various reasons, you can face issues setting up your WiOn WiFi outlet. There are several methods you can use to set up your smart plug. You can use the following methods to fix the setup issues:

Troubleshooting wion outdoor Wifi Outlet

Inspect the Power Source

  • The WiOn WiFi outlet requires a stable power source to function effectively.
  • Before you plug another device into the WiFi outlet, you must plug it in.
  • Also, ensure the WiFi outlet is on from the WiON app.
  • Otherwise, the WiOn WiFi outlet will not function at all.
  • This should fix the WiOn 50055 setup issues.

Connect to the WiFi

  • The WiOn outdoor WiFi outlet also requires a proper WiFi connection.
  • Without it, the smart plug will not function at all.
  • Thus, you must connect the smart plug to a high-speed WiFi network.
  • If you are having trouble connecting the plug to the WiFi, check your router.
  • You can try power cycling, updating the firmware, or resetting the router.

Use the Correct WiFi Password

  • If you are having trouble connecting the WiOn plug to the WiFi, check the password.
  • You must use the correct WiFi password to form a connection between the devices.
  • Another case could be, you have recently changed the WiFi password.
  • In this situation, you must reconnect the smart plug to the WiFi using the new password.
  • This should fix the WiON outdoor WiFi outlet setup issues.

Reset the WiOn Outlet

  • If none of these methods are working, you must reset the device.
  • The reset will fix all glitches and bugs within the smart plug.
  • To reset the WiFi outlet, locate the reset button on the device.
  • Now, press the reset button and hold it.
  • After that, when the WiFi LED turns off, release the button.
  • The reset is successful and all factory default settings are back.

These are some effective methods you can use to fix the WiON 50055 setup. Now, the setup issues you were facing should be gone. You can start using the WiOn WiFi outlet accordingly. If there’s anything else you require assistance with, you can contact us.